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ABOUT Theresa

Theresa Velikonja was born in Sacramento, California in 1989. As a child she was a frequent explorer of the natural world and was also given to drawing, painting and sculpture. Animals were her favorite subject.

In Junior High she was introduced to dark room black and white photography, where she learned to develop film and expose her photographs. Until one day when she discovered a single book, tucked away into the crevices of her teachers library and hidden in shame. It was a book of digital photography. She was hooked and would revisit the subject throughout the rest of her life.


Theresa trained in Fine Art as the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. She has worked as a professional painter since 2008 (see She has an expert and well developed artistic eye, having used photography extensively to sample reference first for her paintings, and finally to document them. 

Awards & Nominations:

Theresa is new on the photography scene, having gone as a full time painter for more than half her life. Please see her Portfolio and Accomplishments at

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